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Individual psychotherapy is a personal matter and decision. This is a process whereby the individual will be involved into a therapeutic relationship with the psychologist through the cause of a personal life problem that they cannot understand and resolve and which is in most cases chronic and painful.

The psychotherapeutic process is an explorative journey aiming at understanding and change. The means will become the therapeutic relationship and the working-through of unconscious complexes whose emphasis will bring the individual in therapy gradually closer to realisations that will ease their emotional strain and distress.

Individual psychotherapy sessions are weekly and they last for up to 45 mins.


Couple's therapy is beneficial for those couples that are faced with issues in their relationship. These may concern their daily living, the upbringing of their children and issues stemming from the ways that  the couple has attempted to become a unit that acts together.

The difficulties that bring a couple at the therapy room relate to communication struggles, disagreements and an inability to make commonly accepted decisions. Many times acts that have jeopardised companionship and exclusivity in the couple's relationship, but also other familial and social interferences that have brought about distress may be the reasons couples seek therapy.

Couple's also turn to psychological support for issues concerning fertility struggles, before or during the process of receiving medical treatment.

During the therapeutic process the couple's identity is explored and is gradually re-established; new and improved boundaries are set, communication gets re-developed in ways that works for the couple and ways that lead, now and in the future, to an emotionally fulfilling relationship.  

Couple's therapy sessions are weekly and they last for up to 60 mins.


In addition to the physical strain of the training that artists undergo and the physical demands of performing in front of an audience, significant are also the psychological and mental challenges that artists are faced with.

If you are in the process your artistic formation as a musician, an actor, a dancer, a visual artist, if you are in the process of planning your career in the field of performing arts, psychological support & psychotherapy can benefit you by:

  • identifying your emotional motivations towards your need for self-expression & artistic creation.

  • getting involved in the exploration of the psychological & mental imprint of life experiences and the working through of trauma and distress

  • seeing unconscious complexes & thought process release in the context of the safe and creative therapeutic environment of the consulting room

  • recognising your study as an interactive process with your trainer and the arts industry -  acknowledging the impact and pressure of success and artistic creation struggle, constructive energy management, confidence & resilience building. 

Sessions are weekly and they last for up to 45mins.

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